“10 short months ago I bit the bullet and got up enough nerve to walk into CrossFit 608. I had been taking care of my dad for the last year, and after losing him I myself felt lost and without purpose. Over the past 10 plus years I had joined every gym in the area, I had ran multiple marathons, had six plus personal trainers, and set many PR’S in the weight room. It had been a year since I had done any cardio or lifting, and it was scary this time around, I was older, slower, busier and honestly just very un-motivated. I tried going back to my gym to lift and to run, but I could not get back in the groove, I was bored, I had lost my drive. After driving home that day I realized that what I was looking for was different, I was looking for more of a journey vs something to do. In the past it was for my wedding, or to lose some lbs. before a vacation, or just to say “I go to the gym 4 days a week”. So there I was standing at the doors, hoping the coach I had set my session up with was not going to show… But nope he was there and ready to go… I was hooked on day one with the movements of CrossFit, I had no idea the entire package I was about to sign up for. The biggest difference for me in CrossFit vs my gym is that we have coaches at 608, like every great TEAM has, and that truly makes the difference for me. I was the “new kid” in my mind, however everyone knew my name… and said hi, and showed me things, and encouraged me to come back, that was the part I was not expecting. I have gained so much strength in the past 10 months both physically and mentally. I have made friends with many members that are a big part of my life inside and outside of CrossFit. Do we sweat, swear, and occasionally cry on days? Hell yeah we do!!! And we also help each other when we have bad days, or have a workout that is not our favorite… It’s all part of the journey!!! I joined CrossFit 608 for the workouts, but I stick with it because of the people.”
– Pam Thompson

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